Sirrus Android Release Notes

Sirrus 0.7.0

Released: December 14, 2023

New Features  

Soil Sampling: Target Point 

  • In addition to Grid Soil Sampling, users can now utilize Target Point Sampling. 
  • Similar to Grid Sampling, Target Point Sampling supports both automatic and manual routing options. 
  • The Automatic Collection feature enables the automatic collection of soil samples in Target Point Sampling, streamlining the sampling process. 

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed a non-responsive issue when sending Sync Logs. 
  • Addressed a progression block in the Grid Sampling workflow after drawing a split. 
  • Resolved a crash issue when cancelling a Sampling Job from the polygon selection screen. 

Sirrus 0.6.1 

Released: April 26, 2023 

New Features 

Soil Sampling: Sync & View 

  • Users can now sync their previously created soil sampling events to view them on Android devices. 
  • View details of soil sampling jobs including sampling points, sample count, event date, soil/sub-soil depths, and more. 
  • Soil sampling results can be viewed not only as analyses but also as bar graphs under sample maps. Each attribute is represented with a bar graph in a carousel format, allowing users to select individual bars for detailed soil sampling result values. 

Intercom Onboarding Carousels 

  • Upon login, users will be presented with an onboarding messaging carousel. 
  • The carousel will highlight all of Sirrus Mobile’s newest features. 
  • Additional onboarding and training features are included to assist users. 

Sirrus 0.4.0 

Released: February 03, 2022 

New Features 

User Defined Jobs Collection and Editing: Crop Protection and Fertilizer 

  • Users can now create, edit, and sync Crop Protection and Fertilizer jobs. 
  • A prompt allows selection of Activity Type: Planned Activity, Recommendation, Work Order, or Work Record. 
  • Jobs can be edited or deleted using the Edit & Delete Icons and Swipe Action. 

Custom Fertilizers 

  • Creation of custom fertilizers is now enabled through the crop protection and fertilizer activity type. 
  • Users have access to a list of options to select custom fertilizer, either existing or new. 
  • The custom fertilizer template allows entering percentages for attributes, creating nutrient analysis. These custom fertilizers are synced and saved for future use. 

Tank Mixes 

  • Users can create tank mixes within the crop protection and fertilizer activity type. 
  • A Tank Mix button is available when creating an activity, offering a list of pre-existing tank mixes or the option to add a new one. 
  • The template for tank mixes includes fields for mix name, description, and constituents. Created tank mixes are synced and saved. 
  • Users can edit their tank mix order from the collection UI and sync these edits. 

Sirrus 0.3.0 

Released: Sept 27, 2021 

New Features 

Scouting Event Splits: 

  • Users can now create splits during Scouting Collection using the Draw feature or GPS (Auto/Manual). 
  • Accessible by selecting Scouting and using Tools from the Toolbar. 

Regional Content, Languages and Regions: 

  • Content (products, companies etc) is now unique to your region, refreshed daily upon opening the app. 
  • Customize content settings with the new Languages and Regions feature in Settings. 

User-Defined Jobs Viewing and Progression: 

  • View and manage Crop Protection, Fertilizer, Planting, and Tillage jobs. 
  • Progress jobs through stages using the ‘Take Action’ button, with options to issue, create work orders, or mark as completed. 

User-Defined Jobs Collection and Editing for Planting and Tillage: 

  • Create, edit, and sync Planting and Tillage jobs. 
  • Select activity type before collecting and make edits using Edit & Delete Icons and Swipe Action. 

Sirrus 0.2.0 

Released:  Feb 24, 2021 

New Features 

Enhanced Swipe Functionality in GFF Pane: 

  • Rename Feature: Easily rename your Grower, Farm, or Field by swiping in the GFF Pane. 
  • Delete Option: Swiftly delete any Grower, Farm, or Field with a simple swipe action in the GFF Pane. 
  • Edit Boundary Access: Quickly access the Edit Boundary feature for your Grower, Farm, or Field through a swipe in the GFF Pane. 

Sirrus 0.1.4 

Released: Sept 25, 2020 

Bug Fixes 

  • Resolved an issue where users experienced a syncing credentials error without receiving a notification. Users will now be promptly alerted if such an error occurs. 

Sirrus 0.1.3 

Released: Sept 17, 2020 

New Features 

  • Automatic Yield Data Sync: Yield data from agX accounts now syncs automatically with Sirrus, allowing users to easily view and manage their yield data on the go. This includes a feature to check the number of yield layers downloaded. 
  • Enhanced Scouting Reports: Create and send detailed Scouting PDF Reports directly from the app. These reports now include comprehensive data and photos from scouting activities. New Field Reporting Options allow users to customize the report layout, including the number of fields per page. 
  • Improved Sync Settings: Customize sync settings in the app to optimize performance. Users can adjust season date ranges under Sync Settings, ensuring that only relevant activities within the selected range are synced, enhancing the speed of data synchronization. 

Sirrus 0.1.2 

Released: Jun 10, 2020 

Bug Fixes 

  • Resolved a crash issue in the Boundary Creation process, specifically when using the ‘Pick a Field’ tool without any pre-digitized boundaries available. 

Sirrus 0.1.1 

Released, Jun 04, 2020 

Bug Fixes 

  • Resolved a crash issue post-installation in countries using commas as decimal points. 
  • Fixed syncing problems for operations containing commas. 
  • Enhanced the calculator with an additional keyboard to support commas. 

New Features 

  • Spanish Language Support: Sirrus now includes in-app Spanish translations. If your Android device is set to Spanish, the app will automatically switch to Spanish. 

Sirrus 0.1.0  

Released: May 19, 2020 

Field Boundary Creation 

  • Create field boundaries using drawing tools, GPS, or select existing boundaries. 
  • Sync newly created boundaries across Sirrus apps and other agX compliant applications, like Summit and Sirrus Web. 

Scouting Features 

  • Create Scouting activities, add photos, and document crop health. 
  • Share Scouting activities with co-workers and edit them as needed. 
  • Access and edit Scouting activities shared via agX Connections. 
  • Download past seasons of Scouting data from Sirrus and agX compliant apps. 
  • Collection options include point-based or polygon-based data entry. 
  • Tools for multi-selection, deletion, and GPS point dropping included. 
  • Activity can be saved as an application or recommendation. 

Sync Across Platforms 

  • First-time logins sync existing Growers, Farms, and Fields from other Sirrus and agX apps. 
  • Share and view Scouting activities and field boundaries through agX connections. 

Customizable Settings 

  • Map type selection (Hybrid, Roads, Satellite) and unit of measure (English/Metric). 
  • GPS offset and polygon collection settings. 
  • Boundary creation minimum size adjustment. 

Support and About Section 

  • Direct support package sending to the Customer Support Team. 
  • App version and statistics (total growers, farms, fields, activities) viewable.